Strict Liability Accident Attorneys in Phoenix, Arizona

Strict liability is enforced on those who are responsible for any injuries you sustained due to their negligent decisions or dangerous activities. Unfortunately, we understand that these accidents have possibly caused you emotional damage, suffering, and/or and physical injuries.

Common Causes

Strict liability accidents can be caused by a multitude of things, whether it is due to negligence, a defective product, or a construction accident.

Product Liability

One common cause is when a product is defective. For example, a manufacturer/owner can be held liable if they:

  • do not perform tests to determine if it is harmful to consumers
  • sell a product despite it being harmful to the general public
  • do not warn consumers of the risk(s) of buying their product

Premises Liability

Another common cause is when a person is injured at a construction site, amusement park, or building. If you were injured during a visit to a Phoenix business, those who own the land or property are responsible for any injuries that take place; this is called premises liability. These injuries can occur if the business:

  • does not follow all of the safety codes and regulations of the state
  • does not properly maintain its premises
  • fails to make responsible decisions and/or precautionary measures

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