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If you were injured during a visit to an amusement park or water park, those who own the land or property are responsible for any injuries you received; this is called premises liability. Instead of having fond memories of your time at the park, we understand that you may now have anxiety about your entire experience. Nevertheless, with our help, you may able to obtain compensation for the following damages:

Common Causes

The following are common causes of park accidents:

Accident Preventions

It is the duty and obligation of a local Phoenix amusement or water park to ensure the safety of all its patrons. Therefore, certain precautions should be heeded in order to prevent an accident. Such precautions include the following.

  • In order to prevent a mechanical failure:
    • Mechanics should examine whether or not the machine meets all safety codes and regulations of the State
    • Operators of the machine should also periodically check to see if maintenance is required to avoid any unnecessary accidents
    • Employees operating the machine should be knowledgeable on the handling of the ride, especially to help prevent a whiplash accident
  • In order to avoid a slip and fall injury, the amusement park maintenance crew should put up various hazard signs in order to warn its customers of a possible accident.
  • Since drowning is a potential accident, the water park’s staff, particularly lifeguards:
    • should be constantly aware of everyone’s well being
    • should have a solid comprehension of CPR

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If a minor was involved, view this page for more information regarding minor’s claims. For detailed information about the possibility of your case going to litigation, visit this page. To learn more about claims against government agencies or public entities, click here.

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