Phoenix Sexual Abuse Lawyer

Sexual abuse is a horrendous crime, and those responsible should be punished. You should also receive justice and compensation for what you’ve been through by filing a claim with help from a Phoenix sex abuse attorney at our firm.

When you’ve been sexually abused or assaulted, you might not know where to turn to get help. Hopefully, the abuser will be criminally prosecuted, but where does that leave you? Even if the abuser is put behind bars, you are still left dealing with the mental, emotional, and physical scars—sometimes for years.

You deserve to receive compensation for the horrors you endured, but the only way to get it is through a sexual abuse claim. You can, of course, file your claim against your abuser, but there might be others who are legally responsible for the abuse you suffered. For instance, if you were sexually assaulted at work, your employer might be liable for what happened.

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Sexual Abuse Can Happen Anywhere in Phoenix

It’s sad, but sex assault or abuse could happen to anyone. Many people think that if they just remain vigilant, if they don’t go out alone at night, or if they don’t engage in certain behaviors, they won’t become a victim of sexual abuse. Unfortunately, even when you do everything right to protect yourself from abuse, you can still become a victim.

Sex abuse can happen anywhere, even at your place of employment. It can happen at a nursing home, a school, or at church. Whoever caused you to suffer in this manner can be held to account for what they’ve done.

Additionally, if someone else’s negligence played a role in your sexual abuse, they too can be held liable. For instance, if you were assaulted on a college campus while walking to class, the school might be liable for what happened to you. A Phoenix sex assault lawyer can help you to find out who is to blame for the abuse you went through.

A Settlement for Your Phoenix Sex Abuse Case

One of the reasons to file a claim for sexual abuse is to pay for the losses you have experienced. You have probably missed out on work, you may have experienced physical pain, and you’ve probably been grappling with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

You deserve to receive a settlement for all the negative effects of the abuse you suffered, and a Phoenix sex assault attorney wants to help you get it.

Partner with a Sex Abuse Attorney in Phoenix, Arizona

Some people aren’t sure that filing a claim is worth the effort. After all, won’t the claim process stir up all of those emotions all over again? Your claim is worth tackling because you could prevent others from being sexually abused. Policies could be put into place, and laws could be changed, because you had the courage to take on those who’ve wronged you.

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