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Our dedicated lawyers truly empathize with you during this extremely difficult time as you deal with the death of your family member. Their absence is affecting you in ways we can only imagine. Our office completely understands that there is no amount of money that will be able to compensate you for the tremendous loss and grief you are experiencing. 

Our Experience

Nevertheless, it is vitally important to our law firm that the party responsible for your loved one’s death is held entirely accountable. Our attorneys prepare the strongest possible case against the negligent party and assume responsibility in assisting you and your family through this difficult time with the utmost commitment.

Our lawyers have extensive experience in handling wrongful death claims. We assemble an experienced team of accident reconstruction experts, engineering experts, and private investigators who work together to investigate, develop, and prosecute wrongful death cases. We will help you obtain fair compensation for your loss.


Common Causes

Our attorneys have the skill and knowledge needed to help represent you in the many areas associated with your claim. These areas include:

Arizona Wrongful Death Act

According to Arizona law, there are certain family members who may assert a claim for wrongful death. Under the Arizona Wrongful Death Act:

  • a spouse is entitled to recover money damages for emotional grief at the loss of his or her spouse
  • a parent is entitled to recover damages for the emotional grief of losing their child
  • a child or minor is entitled to recover monetary damages for the loss of their parents

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We represent clients throughout the state of Arizona and are ready to assist you through this difficult time. If you have lost a loved one due to the negligence of another, please call the Law Offices of Michael Cordova at (602) 265-6700, submit our website Case Evaluation Form, or utilize our online Chat Services. Our lawyers offer a confidential, personal, and free consultation to answer any of your questions and to explain your rights.