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Has your elderly loved one been abused in a nursing home or medical care facility? Contact a Phoenix nursing home abuse attorney at the Law Offices of Michael Cordova to see about filing a claim against those responsible for your family member’s abuse.

Making the decision to place your loved one in a nursing home is tough, but you make that decision because you believe it’s what’s best for them. You believe nursing homes are safe places where they care for the elderly adults they are in charge of. But what do you do if a nursing home doesn’t take proper care of your loved one?

It’s disturbing to think about, but there are people who would prey upon elderly adults. They do this because elders don’t often have the strength to protect themselves. If your family member was harmed in a nursing home, they deserve justice for what’s been done to them. Call a Phoenix nursing home abuse lawyer to get started on a nursing home abuse claim.

What Ways Can an Elder Adult Be Abused in a Nursing Home?

When you think of abuse, you might think of physical or sexual abuse. These are two of the forms of elder abuse that could take place in a nursing home, but there are other ways an elderly individual can be abused.

For example, an elderly adult could be neglected. They might not be given nutritious foods, bathed properly, or given the medical attention they need. These are examples of neglect, and it’s a serious form of elder abuse. In rare cases, this type of neglect can have fatal consequences.

A Phoenix elder abuse attorney at our firm can help you to figure out what form of abuse your loved one endured by investigating your case. Here is a list of the most common forms of elder abuse that take place in nursing homes or medical settings:

Damages for a Nursing Home Abuse Case in Phoenix, AZ

If your loved one has suffered abuse in a nursing home or while in a hospital, your family has probably dealt with many losses. There are likely to be medical expenses related to the abuse, and you could have dealt with lost wages due to missed time from work so you could care for your elderly family member.

In addition, elderly adults often suffer mental trauma due to the abuse they suffered. You might have to pay for mental health services to treat them.

No matter which type of damages you and your family have suffered due to the abuse, you deserve a full settlement to pay for these losses. A Phoenix elder abuse lawyer can assist you in filing your claim and going after those responsible.

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