Client Testimonials

I am very satisfied, very happy of how the office of Michael Cordova handled my case. Every time I needed them, they were there to help me. I know everything they did to settle my case was for my benefit. I will recommend Michael Cordova every time I have an opportunity.
With the law office of Michael Cordova my case was solved efficiently, all of the personnel were friendly and they kept me informed throughout my case. I received an excellent compensation for the injuries I suffered after my accident. My lawyer solved everything quickly and advised me. I am very satisfied with the results of my case. I strongly recommend Michael Cordova.
I was extremely happy with the legal representation I received from the law offices of Michael Cordova. They were always available to help me and answer my questions. My case went smoothly and I did not have to worry about a thing. I recommend Michael Cordova!
I am very happy with the prompt response and resolution of my case. The Insurance company and other Attorneys I had consulted said I did not have a case. Since the first day I was in your office I had trust and hope that I had a case. In less than a month you guys were able to obtain for me the maximum compensation and every time that I had a question your office gave me a response right away. God Bless your office and I will definitely recommend your office for your excellent service and quality.
After my accident, people recommended that I contact different law offices, but when I talked to them they told me that they couldn’t help me with my case. I finally decided to talk to the law offices of Michael Cordova, and I am really pleased because they took care of every detail, and I obtained a good compensation. I am very happy with the service that they provided to me. All the staff is very kind and dedicated to the clients, and I thank them for all the things that they did for me. They were always there when I had questions, every time that I needed. The law offices of Michael Cordova showed me that they are a serious company that really takes good care of their client’s needs. I will recommend them to every person that needs legal services, and I am grateful for all the things that they did for me.
Michael Cordova has represented me on two cases. In both cases, he helped me find qualified medical doctors who waited until my case settled to get paid, and who helped me to feel better. He obtained a rental car for me to use while mine was being fixed. He has also represented other people in my family, and the quality of the service of representation of his firm has been exceptional.