Do you need a Dog Bite Lawyers in Phoenix, Arizona?

If you have been bitten by a dog, we can only imagine the pain, suffering, and permanent emotional and physical damage you must be going through at this time. Since this can be a distressing time for you, we will help you in whatever way we can to alleviate you of your stress, such as helping you receive just compensation and guiding you through the legal process.

Owner Responsibility

According to Arizona law, the dog owner is responsible for the dog bite, whether the dog attack occurred on the owner’s property or not. We will ensure that the owner is held accountable for any injuries you incurred during the attack. Our office will help you obtain compensation for:

  • Medical treatments and costs for treating rabies (includes seven shots to avoid being infected)
  • Medical bills
  • Psychological damage (i.e. – nightmares or feelings of anxiety/fear around dogs)
  • Permanent disfigurement
  • Damage to tissues and nerves
  • Scarring
  • Other infections
  • Death

Learn More

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  • What to Do after a Dog Bite
  • Dog Bites and Children

If you require more information regarding minor’s claims, please click here. For detailed information about the possibility of your case going to litigation, visit this page.

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If you or a family member was attacked by a dog and suffered bodily scarring, damage to tissues and nerves, and/or a rabies infection, please contact our lawyers for a free, personal, and confidential consultation. You can contact the Law Offices of Michael Cordova by submitting the online Case Evaluation Form, using our online Chat Services, or calling us at (602) 265-6700.