Phoenix Uber Accident Lawyer

Have you suffered an injury in an accident involving an Uber driver? Contact a Phoenix Uber injury attorney from the Law Offices of Michael Cordova to discuss the possibility of filing a car crash claim.

Phoenix is a large city, and it can be tough to get around sometimes. You may have need of an Uber to get to a ball game at University of Phoenix Stadium or to see a show at the Mesa Amphitheatre. Ubers provide a useful service to many people, and you trust your Uber driver to take your safety seriously and drive carefully.

Unfortunately, not all Uber drivers are safe drivers, and they can get into accidents. If you sustain injuries because of the carelessness of an Uber driver, you might be able to file a car accident claim to recover your losses. Consider partnering with a Phoenix Uber accident lawyer who can assist you in investigating your accident, calculating your losses, and filing your claim.

Understanding Who Is Liable for a Phoenix Uber Accident

Whether you were injured as a passenger of an Uber, or an Uber driver struck you, you might be wondering who is liable to pay for your damages. In most situations, the Uber driver would be liable for your damages, assuming they are the person who caused the accident. However, there are situations in which the company of Uber could be held liable.

Uber carries an insurance policy that acts as secondary insurance if an injury victim’s damages exceed the policy limits of the negligent Uber driver. In addition, if the company of Uber is found to have broken the law in some way, they could be held legally responsible for an accident.

However, in most cases, the Uber driver will be the one you would pursue through an injury claim. A Phoenix Uber injury attorney from our firm can help you to figure out who to file your claim against.

Proving Your Phoenix Uber Accident Case and Obtaining Compensation

Although you may already know who caused your accident, filing a claim isn’t something you do every day. You will need to gather evidence of fault, gather proof of your damages, and put your case together. A Phoenix Uber collision lawyer at our office could assist in handling the car accident claim process so you can get the most out of your claim.

Connect with an Uber Accident Attorney in Phoenix, Arizona

When someone else was responsible for causing your Uber accident, it’s more than understandable for you to want justice and financial reimbursement. You have suffered pain, injury, and financial losses, and you deserve to receive a settlement to pay for this experience.

Get in touch with a Phoenix Uber accident lawyer to determine who is responsible for compensating you for this accident. It could be the Uber driver, Uber the company, or both. An attorney at the Law Offices of Michael Cordova is happy to discuss your options in a free initial case assessment. Reach our firm through the form below or by dialing 602-265-6700.