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June 24, 2024

Phoenix Truck Accident Lawyer

You’ve been hurt in a semi-truck accident because another person was being careless. Hold that person legally responsible for your injuries, financial losses, and suffering by working with a Phoenix semi-truck crash attorney at the Law Offices of Michael Cordova.

The city of Phoenix is enormous, which means there are a lot of people needing a lot of products. The major way that products come into this city is through the use of commercial trucks. While you understand that commercial vehicles serve a vital purpose in your community, you also expect the drivers and trucking companies to adhere to strict safety standards.

What happens if a trucker, trucking company, or loading company doesn’t take the proper safety precautions? What happens when an accident occurs as a result of negligence? You have every right to seek justice and financial reimbursement for the injuries and suffering you’ve endured.

A Phoenix truck accident lawyer at our office can assist you in filing a claim against the trucking company or other responsible party. They can investigate your accident, calculate your losses, and get the insurance company to pass along your settlement check.

Why Do Semis Crash in Phoenix, Arizona?

There are countless reasons semi-trucks can crash, but most of those reasons have to do with someone’s negligence. Did a load fall off the back of the truck? Likely a loading company failed to properly secure the load. Did a trucker drive more hours than is allowed under commercial trucking laws? The trucker and trucking company could be held responsible.

Your Phoenix 18-wheeler collision attorney can examine your accident carefully to find out what factors caused it and who is legally responsible. Once fault has been determined, your lawyer will gather evidence to prove your case. The liable party must be held to account for their actions so that you receive justice and others aren’t harmed in the same manner.

Here are some of the most common reasons for big rig collisions in Phoenix, AZ.

Liability and Proving Your Phoenix Tractor-Trailer Collision Case

After your Phoenix 18-wheeler crash lawyer has figured out what caused your crash and who is responsible for it, they must then be able to prove liability. Proving someone was responsible for an accident will always require evidence. You can’t suggest that someone caused you harm and then receive a settlement without proving your case.

Evidence that can be used in big rig crashes in Phoenix are things like police reports, crash reports, crash expert testimony, trucking logs, photos, video surveillance, and witness statements. There are many other types of evidence that can be used. Each case is unique, and the evidence available will be different.

That’s why your lawyer will make every effort to gather as much evidence as is available and use it to prove liability.

The Trucker’s Insurance Company May Fight against You

When you’ve been injured in a trucking collision, you may think submitting your claim with the trucker’s insurance company will be easy. Unfortunately, that’s not usually the case. The trucker’s insurer (and the trucking company’s) doesn’t like to pay out on truck crash claims.

They know that serious injuries usually result from these types of vehicle collisions, which means your claim could be expensive. The insurance companies lose a lot of money when they are forced to provide large payouts to crash victims. Because they care greatly about their profits, they will often do everything they can think of to minimize your claim’s value.

This means they may try to place blame for the crash on you; they may try to get you to admit to fault; the insurer could try to manipulate you into accepting a low settlement offer; they may try to bully you into accepting a low offer by threatening to take your claim to court.

Your Phoenix semi-truck wreck attorney won’t let insurers treat you this way. They will not accept less than the full amount of compensation you’re owed for a collision involving a big rig that you didn’t cause.

Serious Injuries and How They Can Change Your Life

If you have been in an accident involving a commercial truck, you already know how your injuries have changed your life. You could be dealing with excruciating physical pain, mobility issues, trauma related to your accident, and an inability to work. If your injury is permanent, you could be faced with permanent life changes.

For instance, you could be physically disabled as a result of your injuries and unable to continue the work that once brought meaning to your life.

Some injuries, such as traumatic brain injuries, can even change who you are as a person. Your cognitive functioning could be limited, your personality may have changed, and you could struggle with memory issues.

No matter how minor or severe your injuries are, you are owed compensation for every issue they’ve brought to your life. Your Phoenix truck injury attorney wants to see that you receive the justice and financial reimbursement owed to you for this accident.

Some common injuries that can negatively impact a person’s life are listed below.

Financial Compensation for a Phoenix 18-Wheeler Wreck

In addition to the physical pain of your injuries and the trauma of this horrendous accident experience, you will also be faced with financial consequences of your accident.

For instance, serious injuries often require extensive medical treatment, such as surgeries and ongoing physical therapy. You could also be dealing with the costs associated with mental health treatment, damage to your vehicle, alternative transportation, hiring a caregiver, and more.

Your settlement should account for all the financial effects of your accident as well as all the suffering you’ve been through. Calculating your claim can be difficult, but your Phoenix big rig wreck lawyer will know how to handle this task.

They won’t forget to include future losses, which you should also be compensated for. Future losses include things like medical care, lost income, and pain and suffering.

Should You Try Handling a Phoenix Trucking Crash Claim Alone?

It’s not usually advisable to try to handle an injury claim on your own. You are dealing with enough right now, and you should be focused on your physical and mental recovery. Injury lawyers are experienced in handling truck wreck cases. They will know how to get you the settlement you deserve.

Work Together with a Phoenix Big Rig Crash Attorney to Win Your Case

It’s important to hold truckers and trucking companies accountable when they’ve caused an accident. Your claim can prevent those in the commercial trucking industry from harming someone else. You can also receive the financial compensation you need to pay your accident-related expenses and provide for your future.

Make the decision to partner with a Phoenix truck accident lawyer with the Law Offices of Michael Cordova. You will be given the opportunity to speak with a lawyer about your case during a free case assessment simply by calling 602-265-6700. You are also welcome to send in the online case information form below.


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