Phoenix Motorcycle Accident FAQ

Are you suffering from injuries that occurred in a motorcycle collision you didn’t cause? You deserve justice, but first, you need answers to your questions.

Get the answers you seek by speaking with a Phoenix motorcycle injury attorney with the Law Offices of Michael Cordova. Your free case consultation is waiting. In the meantime, below we’ve answered some of our more frequently asked questions.

What could have caused my Phoenix motorcycle crash?

Many different factors can cause a motorcycle collision, such as faulty parts, drunk driving, reckless driving, hazardous roads, poor repair work, dangerous intersections, distracted driving, and drowsy driving. The cause of your accident will determine who is at fault.

Can more than one person be legally responsible for my injuries?

Yes, many different people could be held responsible for the accident that injured you. For example, if your accident was caused by an Uber driver, both the driver and Uber might be to blame for your injuries.

How long am I given to bring a Phoenix motorcycle accident claim?

In Arizona, the time limitation for bringing an accident claim is two years from the date of the accident.

How is a motorcycle crash claim calculated?

Your crash claim’s value is determined by adding up all of the losses you have faced. Losses are things such as medical bills, lost wages, cost of treatment, caregiving costs, property damage, and more. You can also be compensated for non-economic losses, such as physical pain, mental suffering, and permanent injury.

Do I have to pay my attorney up front?

No. Attorneys at our firm can work out a contingency fee arrangement with you. You only pay your attorney after you win a settlement for your motorcycle crash.

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