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Dangerous drugs can be the consequence of inaccurate drug testing results or unknown long-term side effects. Prior to drugs being approved by the FDA (Federal Drug Association), drug companies are required to have their drugs undergo various tests. Unfortunately, despite undergoing different drug tests and having an FDA approval, some drugs may still be quite harmful and possibly life threatening.

Dangerous Drug Preventions

The FDA and drug companies are obligated to ensure that Phoenix consumers will not suffer any harmful drug side effects. The following are a couple necessary actions these companies should take in order to prevent dangerous drugs from entering the public market.

  • In order to make certain that a drug is not defective and that no harmful drug effects take place, they should perform drug tests and warn consumers of possible side effects or allergens.
  • If a drug causes unknown and dangerous side effects, it is the responsibility of the FDA and the drug manufacturer to recall that defective drug in order to protect the general public.

Dangerous Drug Consequences

Unfortunately, seemingly reliable prescriptions and over-the-counter drugs may be the main cause of the distribution of dangerous drugs. Such dangerous drugs can be caused by, but are not limited to, inaccurate test results or unknown side effects. These unknown side effects can cause an allergic reaction, severe symptoms, or, possibly, death. When a person is injured because of a dangerous drug, those who make the product available are responsible for any injuries that take place; this is called product liability. If precaution and thoroughness in regards to side effects are not a drug company’s main priorities, then the production and circulation of a dangerous drug will likely ensue.

Claims against Government Agencies or Public Entities

When a government or public employee or agency is negligent and causes an injury, there is a markedly different process involved as compared to a claim against an individual or private business. There is a much shorter time frame to bring a claim and a lawsuit. Therefore, there is an increased urgency to obtain legal counsel to timely submit a claim against a government agency or public entity. A more detailed explanation is available on our Government or Public Entities Claims Pages.

Litigation Process

We are able to resolve the overwhelming majority of our cases relatively promptly and without ever having to go to court. However, there are a number of reasons why we would recommend litigation to our clients. When that occurs, our office will thoroughly explain the litigation process, including the risks, benefits, and how it relates to your case before we file litigation. For more detailed information, please review our Litigation Process Pages.

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