Accidents Caused by Government Agencies or Public Entities

Generally, government agencies, such as the Arizona Department of Public Safety, and public entities, such as SRP, are immune from suit under the sovereign immunity provisions of the Constitution. The doctrine of sovereign immunity prevents individuals from filing lawsuits against both the federal and state government; however, in some instances, sovereign immunity can be waived. For example, sovereign immunity has been waived for civil rights violations, personal injury cases, and wrongful death cases.

Different Procedures for These Claims

Most often, personal injury claims brought against private individuals can be filed up to two years after the injury was suffered. There are not any particular procedures that must be followed before filing a lawsuit against a private individual. On the other hand, there are two important procedural differences that must be met when filing a lawsuit against a government agency or public entity. These two procedures are the following:

The above procedures are discussed with more detail on their respective pages.

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