Statute of Limitations

The statute of limitations is the time in which an injured party is permitted to wait before they are required to either file a claim or lawsuit for their injuries. If the injured party does not file within this period of time, their claim or lawsuit will be barred as a matter of law. These requirements are permissible under Arizona law because the government can place restrictions on the method and manner a lawsuit can be brought against the government.

However, injured parties do not have the typical two year time period in which to file their lawsuit against the government agency or public entity. Arizona Revised Statute 12-821 shortens the statute of limitations period to one year for all claims against government agencies or public entities. Thus, with few exceptions, any lawsuit brought after the one year statute of limitations period is barred and can never be litigated. As a result, injured parties must act quickly so as to protect their rights when a government agency is a potential defendant.

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