Light Rail and Train Accidents Involving another Light Rail or Train

There are many circumstances under which light rail and train accidents occur, but one of the most devastating is when a light rail or train collides into another light rail or train. There are many people responsible for the safe flow of railway traffic. When any one of these responsible parties is negligent, a light rail or train accident will likely ensue.

Common Causes

Common causes of light rail and train accidents involving other light rails and trains:

  • Conductor negligence may lead to colliding into a stopped train
  • Poorly maintained tracks may lead to trains jumping the tracks and colliding with each other
  • Operator negligence may lead to light rails and trains being directed and put into each other’s path

Injuries sustained during these collisions will range from minor to severe. Serious injury and Wrongful Death are most likely to occur when trains traveling in opposite directions collide.

Claims against Government Agencies or Public Entities

When a government or public employee or agency is negligent and causes an injury, there is a markedly different process involved as compared to a claim against an individual or private business. There is a much shorter time frame to bring a claim and a lawsuit. Therefore, there is an increased urgency to obtain legal counsel to timely submit a claim against a government agency or public entity. A more detailed explanation is available on our Government or Public Entities Claims Pages.

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