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If you were involved in a collision with a semi truck, tractor trailer, 18 wheeler, or a big rig, our attorneys understand that you may be experiencing devastating consequences. You might be suffering a serious injury or have experienced the death of a family member as a result of this accident. If this is the case, we understand that you are having to cope with unexpected medical bills, multiple physical therapy sessions, and increased levels of stress.

Our lawyers will try to alleviate your burdens by utilizing our knowledge about state and federal regulations, by holding the driver liable, and by helping you obtain just compensation.

Investigating the Collision

The Need for a Prompt Investigation

A critical aspect of successfully handling a large truck accident case is undertaking an investigation immediately following the accident. We work with a team of experts to preserve evidence left from the collision. If this information is not immediately obtained, critical evidence can be lost, altered, or even destroyed. Any eyewitnesses to the accident must also be spoken to as soon as possible.

Types of Evidence

Physical evidence can include, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Accident debris
  • Fluid stains
  • Skid marks

Key Evidence: The Black Box

Federal regulations limit the amount of time a driver of a truck may spend driving in a single day and over the course of a week. Despite these regulations, some negligent drivers frequently disregard federal laws, drive more than they are legally permitted, and/or maintain falsified logbooks. This is usually because trucking companies pressure and entice their drivers with additional earnings to deliver cargo on tight schedules.

Fortunately, however, many trucks have GPS satellite tracking devices and “black box” computer information on board. The information gathered by this equipment is evidence that must be preserved immediately following your accident. It will provide information regarding:

  • The amount of time truck driver was on the road
  • The speed that the driver was operating during the time of the accident
  • The braking and steering performance of the driver
  • Whether or not the driver was wearing a seatbelt

Trucking Companies Defend These Accidents Immediately

Many trucking companies immediately dispatch their defense attorneys and accident investigators as soon as they are informed of the accident regardless of the time of the accident. In many cases, these attorneys and/or investigators arrive before the local police. For these reasons, it is extremely important to contact our office if you or a family member has been injured.

Common Causes

Common causes of these types of collisions include the following:

  • Negligence
  • Product defects
  • Conscious disregard of regulations
  • Bad weather conditions, including rain, snow, or ice

Visit this page to learn more about these common causes. Also, click here to learn about various statistics concerning accidents with trucks.

Our Experience

Our lawyers assemble an experienced team of accident reconstruction experts, engineering experts, and private investigators in order to thoroughly investigate, develop, and prosecute your case.

We are familiar with federal and state laws, as well as federal regulations that regulate the interstate trucking industry. The knowledge of these laws and regulations is a key component in the successful handling of your case.

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If your child was present at the time of the collision, visit this page to learn more about your child’s claim. For claims against government or public organizations, visit this page for detailed information. Click here if you are concerned about your case going through the litigation process.

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