Wrongful Death of an Elderly Family Member

In a wrongful death claim for an elderly person, you and other family members can seek compensation for loss of companionship and affection. Compensation can also be granted for the pain and suffering experienced by your family member before his or her death. Unfortunately, in determining compensation, monetary damages may be reduced due to the age of the elderly person.

Presenting Your Loss

If you are suffering the loss of a parent, it is important that your siblings (both minor and adult) save all items of sentimental value related them. These items include:

  • Family photos
  • Family videos
  • Birthday cards
  • Letters
  • Gifts

These are the types of items that our lawyers use to help demonstrate to the insurance company and, if necessary, the jury the tremendous loss that your family has suffered.

Case Factors

Wrongful death cases have different factors if the death of a loved one is an elderly family member. When the court determines compensation, age and life expectancy are vitally important. It can be easier to determine future earnings for an adult, who has had consistent employment, over an elderly family member in retirement. Despite this, our office will help you obtain the best compensation your family deserves.

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