Significant Cases: Brad Tiley

Michael Cordova Files Medical Malpractice Claim Against Doctors for Causing a Detached Retina – Reaches Settlement of $925,000.00.

A Phoenix man, who lost most of his vision from a failed eye surgery anesthesia, received $925,000 in the settlement for his case. Phoenix lawyer, Michael Cordova, filed a medical malpractice lawsuit to recover for his client’s injuries.

On November 20, 1996, Brad Tiley, was preparing for cataract surgery on both of his eyes. The anesthesia for cataract surgery, which involved needles, failed and ended up penetrating his left eye and detaching his retina. As a result he lost vision in his left eye. We argued the doctors failed to provide informed consent, and that the risks outweighed the benefits.

The result of the failed anesthesia procedure was terrible. Afterwards, Mr. Tiley had limited vision left and faced a life of limited employment opportunities. The psychological trauma and mental anguish he had to face was great. The doctors should have never performed the anesthesia procedure, because his eye was not the right shape for the anesthesia.

Our Legal Team Filed a Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Against the Doctors.

The case, Tiley v. Perlmutter, Maricopa County Superior Court, Case No. CV 98-20805 involved two doctors as defendants. We argued that both the anesthesiologist and doctor failed to live up to the proper medical duty of care. The doctors should have known that, because of the shape of Brad’s eye, it was very unsafe to use a needle for anesthesia. The needles ended up penetrating his eye and caused permanent damage.

The Doctors’ Defenses

Both doctors argued they weren’t aware of the severity of the risk involved or the true nature of the shape of Brad’s eye. The anesthesiologist argued that these accidents can occur naturally sometimes, without explanation.

The $925,000 Settlement

After two years of contentious litigation, including numerous depositions around the country, both doctors settled the suit with the Plaintiff. Brad Tiley accepted a settlement of $925,000, and the case was settled without going to trial.

Surgery can make great improvements in our physical life, but doctors have to provide due care. Patients have to be informed of all the risks involved, and each person must receive personal attention to make sure this is achieved.

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