Significant Cases: Genoveva Anaya

Michael Cordova secures one-half million dollar UIM settlement for client injured in auto accident while at work.

The Law Offices of Michael Cordova successfully obtained a settlement of $500,000 on a UIM claim from Allstate Insurance Company on behalf of a client who was injured while working. The driver responsible for causing the accident had policy limits of only $25,000.

On July 20, 2004, Genoveva Anaya’s life was changed forever. As she was finishing up her work and getting ready to get into her parked truck, another driver struck the back of her truck. The impact was so significant that Mrs. Anaya’s body was thrown over 10 feet from her vehicle. After being rushed to the hospital, Genoveva had to go into surgery for her injuries.

The doctor discovered a severe fracture in her leg and they placed a pin in her femur. Mrs. Anaya’s pelvis had to be secured by a series of plates that were secured with screws. She spent two weeks recovering at the hospital from these injuries.

After leaving the hospital, Genoveva Anaya’s injury continued to be a source of constant and severe pain. She required the assistance of a walker for several months, and she could not put much weight on her injured leg. She eventually opted for hip replacement surgery. Her medical bills exceeded $100,000.00.

As a result of the accident, Mrs. Anaya has more difficulty moving around. She also cannot fully enjoy time with her family because of her limitations. Her husband must now largely support the family at work and in the home because of Genoveva’s injury.

Initially, Allstate Insurance argued that there was not coverage for this accident based upon the specific facts of how the accident occurred and language in the insurance policy for UIM coverage. We disagreed with Allstate regarding the interpretation of that language and we were prepared to go to court, if necessary, to fight that battle.

However, after learning of Allstate’s position, our office performed a thorough and exhaustive investigation, which included our attorneys visiting the personal residence of an eyewitness to the accident and obtaining a signed Affidavit regarding the precise facts of how the accident occurred.

As a result of the strength of the Affidavit of the eyewitness, Allstate relented and agreed with our office to tender the policy limits of one-half million dollars. Our clients avoided a prolonged and difficult legal challenge over the legal interpretation of the language of the insurance policy.

After tireless effort by our dedicated staff, we secured a One-Half Million Dollar UIM settlement for Mrs. Anaya. She can now live her life after receiving just compensation.

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