How to Prove a Wrongful Death & Wrongful Death Compensation

How to Prove a Wrongful Death

In court, you must prove that another individual was negligent in order to obtain a remedy under the law. At times, this can be a complex issue because there may be more than one party who contributed to the accident. Other issues, such as product liability cases, may require expert witnesses to prove a case.

Our lawyers assemble an experienced team that includes accident reconstruction experts, engineering experts, and private investigators. We will work together to investigate, develop, and prosecute your wrongful death case.

Proving Four Elements

In general, our attorneys need to prove four elements:

  • That the responsible party had a duty to act in a certain and reasonable way
  • That the responsible party failed to act according to that duty
  • That the failure to act accordingly caused the injury to the deceased
  • That the death merits monetary damages to the surviving spouse or relative bringing the wrongful death action

Wrongful Death Compensation

Our lawyers understand that the death of your family member can bring about feelings of great sadness, loneliness, and, possibly, depression. In addition, financial expenses are an unfortunate reality in these types of cases. Compensation can help ease the financial hardships that you may be experiencing. Some unanticipated economic costs include:

  • Medical care provided before death
  • Funeral expenses
  • Loss of family income

Despite this, you can still receive compensation for your family member’s death. With our skill and quality representation, the Law Offices of Michael Cordova can help you obtain your rightful compensation.

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