Discount Attorneys

What about discount attorneys? I see some advertisements for lawyers offering discounted services.

The most concise response I can give to answer this inquiry is to quote a familiar expression: “You Get What You Pay For.” Frequently, the quality of a service decreases when you pay a lesser amount.

There are a variety of mechanisms that “discount attorneys” use to offer lower fees. For example, some “discount attorneys” do not handle the property damage claims and make their clients handle it themselves. In some cases, the attorneys will make the client obtain the police report. Another technique used to offset lower attorney’s fees is to increase the caseloads of the supervising attorneys and legal assistants. In some law firms, the number of cases that the attorneys and legal assistants are responsible for are 2-3 times greater than in our office. When this happens, the quality of service you will receive significantly decreases.

In our office, you will be able to speak to your legal assistant and your attorney when you call. In fact, it is our office policy to accept all calls when clients call us. If you leave a voice message, we will return your phone call in the same day unless the message is left after business hours. In which case, your phone call will be returned the next day. In offices where the attorneys and legal assistants have 2-3 times greater caseloads, your phone calls may not be answered or voice messages returned.

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