Phoenix Burn Injury Lawyer

Have you suffered severe burns because of another person’s thoughtless actions? Speak to a Phoenix burn injury attorney at the Law Offices of Michael Cordova to learn whether you can file a personal injury case against the person responsible.

Being burned in an accident can have many negative ramifications for you. You could be struggling with physical pain; your mobility could be limited; your injury could be permanent; your burn injury could affect your mental health and life happiness. When a person other than yourself caused this injury, you have the right to pursue them for payment of your damages.

You could be faced with crippling medical expenses and an inability to work, which could result in lost income for you. You could also be dealing with costs of physical therapy and mental health treatment.

You deserve to receive a full settlement to pay for all that you’ve been through and to bring the negligent person to justice. A Phoenix burn injury lawyer at our firm can help.

What Causes Burn Injuries and Who Could Be Liable?

Burn injuries are caused by your body’s contact with some type of heat source. For instance, your body could come into contact with fire. If someone caused the fire that burned you, they can be held liable for your injuries. For instance, if shoddy electrical wiring on the part of an electrician led to a house fire, you could sue the electrician for the burn injuries you suffered.

There are many different types of heat sources and many different types of people or organizations could be liable for your injuries. Here are a few common causes of burns:

  • Fire
  • Steam
  • Hot liquids
  • Friction
  • Chemicals
  • Electric shock

Burn Injury Damages for a Phoenix Accident

One of the duties your Phoenix burn accident attorney has is to fight for your right to compensation. You didn’t cause the accident that resulted in a burn injury, so you shouldn’t be expected to pay for your losses. See below for a list of damages your attorney will fight to see you receive a settlement for.


Economic Damages (Financial Losses) Non-Economic Damages (Non-Financial Losses)
Hospital bills and outpatient doctor bills Physical pain and suffering
Physical therapy expenses Mental anguish
Medication costs and co-pays Loss of life enjoyment
Lost income and lost future income Permanent injury
Property damage Scarring or disfigurement
Caregiving costs Self-esteem issues
Mental health treatment expenses


Make the Call to a Burn Injury Attorney in Phoenix, Arizona

We don’t need to tell you how serious burn injuries can be. You are probably dealing with intense physical pain, scarring, disfigurement, and mental trauma. You could even be suffering from mobility issues, and your injuries could be permanent. The person who caused you to suffer in this way should be held to account for your suffering.

Contact a Phoenix burn injury lawyer to get started on your injury claim right away. You have only two years under Arizona law to file your case so don’t delay in reaching out. The Law Offices of Michael Cordova can be reached through the online case consultation form below or call 602-265-6700. Get your free case evaluation now.