Phoenix Broken Bone Lawyer

Broken bones are serious injuries that have disastrous consequences for you and your health. Contact a Phoenix fractured bone attorney at our firm to discuss your case and the possibility of holding a negligent person accountable for causing your injury.

It’s surprisingly easy to break a bone. Bones break when they are put under more stress than they can handle. You could break a bone in a vehicle collision, a bad fall, or during a sporting event. No matter how your broken bone came about, you can hold someone accountable for your injury if they are the one who caused it.

Filing a personal injury claim for a fractured bone is your right, but you will need to prove the fault of the person who hurt you. Collecting evidence, proving fault, demonstrating your losses, and dealing with insurance companies can be challenging for the average person to handle on their own.

A Phoenix broken bone lawyer from the Law Offices of Michael Cordova is ready and willing to help you with your personal injury claim now.

Types of Phoenix Accidents That Cause Broken Bones

Bones can be broken under a variety of different circumstances. For instance, you could break a bone when you slip on a spill at your local coffee shop. You could break a bone after falling down a rickety set of stairs at a bookstore. If someone’s negligence brought about your injury, you can go after them for payment of your damages.

For instance, if the coffee shop owner forgot to clean up the spill that caused you to slip and be injured, you can hold the owner accountable. If the bookstore owner failed to fix the staircase even though they knew it was dangerous and not up to code, you can file a claim against them.

Your Phoenix bone fracture lawyer will assist you in proving negligence and getting the settlement you deserve. A few more accident types known to cause broken bones are listed below.

Winning a Settlement for a Phoenix Broken Bone Injury

A Phoenix bone fracture lawyer at our firm will assist you throughout the claim process so that your chances of receiving a fair settlement are increased. You deserve to be compensated for all the financial losses you endured and for your negative experience, as well.

You could receive a settlement for lost wages, medical bills, mental trauma, mental health treatment, pain and suffering, permanent injury, and lost life enjoyment.

Team Up with a Fractured Bone Attorney in Phoenix, AZ

Because of Arizona negligence laws, you are permitted to pursue a negligent person through the injury claim process. Filing a claim and winning a settlement can be more challenging than some people think.

You might consider working with a Phoenix broken bone lawyer at the Law Offices of Michael Cordova. Speak with an attorney about your claim in a free case analysis. Dial 602-265-6700 or send in the case analysis form at the bottom of this page.