How to Calculate an Arizona Car Accident Settlement

There are many steps to the car accident claim process in Arizona, but one of the most challenging steps is calculating your claim’s total value.

You probably already know that you are entitled to receive a settlement for your medical bills, property loss, lost wages, and other financial losses, but there are many other losses you may be entitled to that you might not know about.

For example, did you know that your claim could include future medical bills? Did you know that many injury victims are entitled to disability compensation?

Let’s go further into detail on how to calculate an Arizona car accident settlement.

Adding Up Your Financial Damages for an Arizona Car Accident

You are correct in thinking that you are owed compensation for all the financial losses you’ve faced because of another person’s negligence. You could be paid for your vehicle’s damage, medical bills, caregiving expenses, transportation costs, and any other financial cost associated with your crash.

If you have evidence of an expense tied to your accident or your injuries, add it to your claim. Again, future losses can also be figured into your settlement, such as the loss of earning potential due to a permanent injury.

Figuring Out Your Non-Financial Damages

You can also include the non-financial losses you suffered in your claim. For instance, physical pain, mental anguish, scarring, disfigurement, and lost quality of life can be included in your claim. You might not know how to calculate your non-financial damages, but document them. An Arizona car accident lawyer can help you with the rest.

Team Up with an Arizona Auto Injury Attorney

Now you have an idea of how to calculate an Arizona car accident settlement. Get help with putting your claim together.

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