Will you keep me informed of all major developments in my case?

Absolutely! We will communicate and keep you informed of all major developments.

Will you give me periodic updates?

At the beginning of your case, it is common to have frequent communication, particularly when we are setting up claims, resolving property damage claims, determining what medical treatment is occurring, and communicating liability and coverage determinations with insurance companies. As the case progresses, communication may not be as frequent, but it is our office policy that we communicate with clients at least every 2-3 weeks.

How will you communicate with me?

Most often, our communication is by phone; however, if clients express a preference for e-mail communications, we will gladly communicate with you by your preferred method of communication.

What information and documents will you need from me?

We request that you keep us updated on how you are doing, how your medical treatment is progressing, and which medical providers you are seeing. Additionally, we ask that you promptly forward any and all medical bills and liens that you receive to us; this includes communications from any health insurance plan. Finally, when you are released from treatment, please immediately notify us so we can request all your medical bills and records and begin working on your demand package.

If I have questions about my case, may I call or e-mail you?

Certainly! We want you to be informed about your case. You may contact us by phone or e-mail with your questions.

Will I be charged for asking questions about my case?

There is no charge for communicating with our office about your case.

What is your office policy on accepting client phone calls and returning phone calls? I have heard experiences that some attorneys and their staff do not take phone calls or return phone messages.

In our office, you will be able to speak to your legal assistant and your attorney when you call. In fact, it is our office policy to accept all calls when clients call us. If you leave a voice message, we will return your phone call in the same day unless the message is left after business hours. In which case, your phone call will be returned the next day.

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