Light Rail and Train Accidents Involving Cars

Light rail and train accidents involving cars are usually caused by the car driver trying to cross the tracks before the oncoming light rail or train passes. These car drivers put their lives and the lives of many others in danger simply because they did not want to wait a few minutes for the train to pass. These lives may include their passengers, any passengers aboard the train, and pedestrians.

Stopping on the Tracks

Railroad crossings have signs indicating that a car must not stop on the train tracks. Sometimes car drivers will stop on the tracks believing that the vehicles ahead will move farther forward. When vehicles in front do not move farther forward and the vehicle directly behind is stopped at the tracks, the driver will be boxed in. If an oncoming train were to approach at that moment, the impact would most likely be fatal to the driver in the car. It could also result in:

Claims Involving Minor Children

When a minor (someone under 18 years of age) has a personal injury claim, in many cases, there is an extra set of procedures that apply to protect the interests of the minor. Specifically, the minor, usually through their attorney, will petition the probate court for approval of the minor settlement. This includes the amount of the settlement, the medical expenses to be paid from the settlement, the attorney’s fees and costs, and the net settlement for the minor claimant. A more detailed explanation of this process is explained on our Minor Child Injury Pages.

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