Breach of Salon Standard of Care

A local Phoenix beauty salon is required by law to follow the guidelines and procedures of standard of care for the benefit of all its patrons. Although beauty salons and their employees guarantee to follow standard of care guidelines, this is not always the case. If an employee breached a standard of care while serving you, our attorneys empathize with you during this stressful time as you deal with:

  • Pain
  • Discomfort
  • Permanent physical damage

By helping you hold the beauty salon liable, you may be able to recover for any of the damages you suffered.

Various Breaches

A breach of salon standard of care can be caused by a multitude of things, whether it is failure of an employee to select an appropriate treatment, failure to heed the directions and warnings of a product, and/or failure to cautiously and conscientiously perform a requested treatment.

Failure to Select an Appropriate Treatment

  • This can occur when an employee fails to perform a patch test, which ensures that the product is not defective and would be correctly used for the client’s chosen treatment.
  • Some effects of this breach include an allergic reaction or unwanted hair loss.

Failure to Heed Product Directions & Warnings

  • This breach can happen if an employee does not follow the directions on the application of a specific product or on the maximum amount of time the applied product should be used.
  • This can also occur if an employee mixes hazardous materials for a dye despite the warnings on a product’s label.
  • Unfortunately, some effects of this breach include varying degrees of chemical burns or severe facial scars.

Failure to Cautiously and Conscientiously Perform a Requested Treatment

  • This can take place when an employee fails to attentively perform a service or deliberately neglects the client’s requested treatment.
  • This inattentiveness or negligence may cause a variety of injuries, such as those mentioned above.

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