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We understand that your main concern has been and will continue to be for your parent’s safety and general well-being. Elder abuse in nursing homes can be caused by, but is not limited to, nursing home negligence, inattentiveness, or a conscious mistreatment of elders, whether physically or emotionally. If your parent or elderly family member was neglected and/or mistreated at a nursing home, our attorneys completely empathize with your during this emotional time.

We know that your trust in others has been shaken as a result of your parent’s pain, suffering, and permanent emotional and physical damage. Consequently, our office will work diligently to help your parent receive the compensation he or she rightly deserves.

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Preventions of Nursing Home Negligence

It is the duty and obligation of a Phoenix nursing home to ensure the safety of your parent. The following are a couple necessary actions that should be taken in order to prevent elder abuse.

  • Background checks need to be performed on all employees for any previous criminal activity.
  • The employees should be knowledgeable on the care and handling of the elderly, especially to avoid malnutrition and bedsores.
  • The nursing home also needs to be conscious and aware of its employees and their actions around elders.

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When a government or public agency or employee is negligent and causes injury, there is a markedly different process involved. A more detailed explanation is available on our government and public entities claims page.

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