Car Seat Injuries and Keeping Your Kids Safe

April 19, 2017 - 2 minutes read

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, car crashes are a leading cause of death for children 1 to 13 years old. However, these deaths and injuries can be prevented by proper use of a car seat, booster, and seat belts.

Child Passenger Safety LawsThe requirements for the use of a car or booster seat varies from state to state, but the results are all the same; use of proper restraints save lives. In passenger cars, child safety seats reduce the risk of fatal injury by 71% for infants and by 54% for toddlers. For infants and toddlers in light trucks, the corresponding reductions are 58% for infants and 59% for toddlers. What these numbers prove is the importance of getting the right size car seat for your child and installing it properly.

Baby seat defects: When a child is injured from a defective baby seat, the manufacturer of the baby seat is at fault for their failure to exercise reasonable care in manufacturing the car seat. As a parent, taking extra precautionary measures is key to ensure your child’s safety. It is important to read the installation instructions, follow them carefully, and then test the seat to ensure you have properly installed your child’s car seat.

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