Hold’em For Hope Casino Night Fundraiser

May 13, 2015 - 3 minutes read

This Saturday on May 16 at 6pm, Stepping Stones of Hope will host a Hold’em for Hope Casino Night fundraiser at the Arizona American Italian Club. The event is also led by the title sponsor—Law Offices of Michael Cordova—with the Hold’em For Hope Casino Night fundraiser aimed at helping grieving kids, teens, families, and adults who have tragically lost a loved one.

Stepping Stones for Hope

Stepping Stones of Hope offers help for grieving kids, teens, families and adults through education and camps. Change is difficult for everyone; accepting the death of a loved one, on top of all the normal changes life brings, is probably the most difficult to understand, especially for a child. Learning how to cope and accept these changes is important for navigating their individual path of grief and helping them grow up to enjoy a productive and successful life as an adult.

Stepping Stones for Hope program director Diane Raden noted the importance of events like Hold’em For Hope Casino Night fundraiser: “Casino night is just one of our many fundraisers in which the community, our business partners, supporters, volunteers, and past campers can all come together for a night of fun and fundraising for a great cause.”

A Natural Connection for the Law Offices of Michael Cordova

Personal injury firms like the Law Offices of Michael Cordova have to deal with more than just law; they deal with personal, emotionally impacted clients. After 23 years of practicing law Michael Cordova, owner and attorney of the Law Offices of Michael Cordova, understands the deep emotional pain clients experience when suffering from the loss of a loved one. “Unfortunately, we see many cases in which children are tragically impacted by the death of a loved one and we see the true benefit of organizations, like Stepping Stones of Hope, and how their camps help children understand and manage their grief,” explains Cordova.

For Michael Cordova it’s not just about recognition of the loss; it’s about taking actionable steps to help in a more meaningful way: “sponsoring Hold’em For Hope Casino Night fundraiser for Stepping Stones of Hope is a wonderful opportunity for our firm to give back to an organization in the Valley that makes a positive impact in the lives of kids and their families.”

Event Information

For more information about Stepping Stones of Hope’s Hold ‘Em For Hope Casino Night fundraiser, visit the website here. Tickets and sponsorships are available to purchase online from the website. For more detailed questions, please call the office at 602-264-7520.