4 Differences in a Minor’s Personal Injury Claim

For a child, the inevitable will happen—injuries. But, there is a stark difference between the scrape and bruise received from horse playing in the backyard, and the traumatic experience of a car accident. Additionally, children are unique, insofar that, oftentimes, the extent of the injuries sustained—physically or emotionally—don’t become apparent until much further down the… Read more »

Microbrews Survive the Cut–For Now

This week at the Arizona Congress, hundreds of Arizonans banded together to support their favorite local brew vis-à-vis bill SB 1030. What’s at stake? The current law caps production microbreweries at 40,000 barrels. Additionally, once this cap is met, microbreweries would be forced to apply for a producers license, and shutter their local tasting rooms… Read more »

Law Offices of Michael Cordova: 2015-2016 Scholarship

In the last three decades, the cost to obtaining a college degree has spiraled. Indeed, tuition for in-state public, four-year institutions has increased 200 percent, and 150 percent for community colleges. Additionally, the demand for people entering the working class to have a college degree has increased exponentially, with economists predicting that nearly two-thirds of… Read more »

Personal Injury Claims against a Government Entity

Getting injured in an accident is difficult: emotionally, physically, and legally; getting into an accident with a government entity frustrates all of these. A government entity encompasses municipal, county, State, and Federal to include employees and officials. Generally, be it municipal or state government, each has erected a set of statutes to either create immunity… Read more »

Extreme Adventure Races: Liability, Waivers, and Law

In recent years, extreme adventure races have been all the trend. What previously could only be found in select areas, extreme adventure races are popping up in all major cities and even overseas. Extreme adventure races—namely in the form of the Tough Mudder or the Spartan Race—combines a lengthy course and circus-like obstacles to test… Read more »