Raffle for Phoenix Children’s Project

According to The Annie E. Casey Foundation, a whopping 27% – or 429,000 – of children in Arizona are living in poverty with Arizona ranking a dismal 46th in the United States. One local foundation, Phoenix Children’s Project, has made it its mission to improve the lives of children living in poverty in our local… Read more »

Scholarship Winner for 2015-2016

The Law Offices of Michael Cordova is pleased to announce that Tania Mendez-Delgado is the winner of our annual scholarship for the 2015-2016 school year. Tania epitomizes what we were looking for in a recipient, and we look forward to helping her realize her goal of pursuing higher education. Unfortunately, it can be extremely difficult… Read more »

Beating Heat Exhaustion

For an entire month, Arizona has seen daily temps reach 100 degrees or more. The following month is much of the same. Suffice it to say, hot weather is here to stay, and beating the heat is now a priority. An often overlooked aspect of hot weather, though, is heat exhaustion. This largely stems from… Read more »

GRID Bikes Takeover Phoenix

At the beginning of the year, Phoenix contracted with CycleHop, LLC., to institute a bike share program across the city. The program includes 500 GRID bikes in the city of Phoenix alone. Tempe and Mesa are said to follow. But, with beginners and novices swerving into traffic without helmets, or an understanding of Phoenix bike… Read more »

Arizona Fireworks Guide

With every state having a complex set of firework laws, Arizona is no difference when it comes to which fireworks are legal, and which fireworks are illegal. To make it more confusing, Arizona passed a bill in April last year creating tiers for fireworks, dates permissible for use, and an outright prohibition on counties from… Read more »