Happy Anniversary, Lilliana!

April 2, 2019 - 1 minute read

Lilliana joined the Law Office of Michael Córdova in 2018 as the firm’s receptionist. Prior to joining the firm, Lilliana worked in the public sector for over 18 years and brought with her a public servant mentality which greatly compliments the firm’s values in serving our clients.

In this position, Lilliana demonstrates an outstanding level of care and attention to our clients, visitors, and staff. On a daily basis, she attends a high volume of inquiries and calls, processes and distributes mail and faxes, welcomes clients and visitors and directs to the appropriate area. Lilliana is an integral part of the Córdova family and an important ambassador of the firm. Her friendly smile and professionalism, her determination to treat calls with the utmost care and attention, and her passion to help and serve others are characteristics that we recognize and value.

Aside from her professional abilities, Lilliana loves spending time with her three children, truly enjoys cooking for family and friends, and loves traveling with her family when the opportunity permits.

Congratulations on your 1st Year Anniversary, Lilliana! Thank you for your hard work and contributions to the firm. We look forward to many more years together!