Happy Anniversary, Alejandra!

April 4, 2019 - 2 minutes read


Alejandra joined the Law Offices of Michael Córdova in 2018 as the firm’s Accounting Clerk. Prior to joining the firm, Alejandra worked as an Accounting Clerk/Aide at a personal injury law firm, tax office, and accounting firm and possesses an Associate’s Degree in Accounting. Due to her education and work experience, we were excited to have her join the firm.

On a day to day basis, Alejandra reviews and analyzes all clients’ medical expenses, costs, and lienholders in order to create a detailed settlement distribution sheet depicting how settlement funds are distributed. This process is very important since it entails calculating and accounting for every transaction that has transpired throughout the duration of the case. It also involves dealing with client’s medical providers to ensure their claims have been properly processed to receive payment and/or secure reductions to maximize our client’s recovery. Additionally, Alejandra provides assistance in the filing and establishment of minor conservatorship accounts once the court has approved the settlement under the direct supervision of the attorney. In this position, Alejandra has demonstrated advanced organizational, accounting, and time management skills. As it is, a client’s financials can be quite challenging as there is more pressure and a high standard for accuracy and transparency with no margin for errors. Alejandra’s ability to excel in this fast-paced and high-stress position is commendable, more so because she keeps a calm and positive demeanor.

Aside from her professional responsibilities, Alejandra enjoys spending time with her family. Additionally, as a hobby, she collects stationaries which she often uses at work to keep organized. Congratulations on your 1-Year Anniversary, Alejandra! Thank you for all your hard work, contributions, and dedication to the firm!