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Product Liability Lawyers in Phoenix, AZ

Too often, manufacturers, distributors, and retailers of consumer products do not always comply with the health and safety standards set in place by federal and state government agencies. If you or a family member sustained any damages while using a consumable item, our dedicated attorneys understand that you may have to cope with unanticipated damages, such as:

At the Law Offices of Michael Cordova, we will endeavor to assist you during this time by helping you recover your damages and by holding the responsible party liable.

Common Causes

Defective products can cause serious injuries and/or wrongful death. A couple common causes include the following:

Types of Cases

Visit the following pages to learn more about the common types of product liability accidents:

Our Experience

Our attorneys recognize that corporations take shortcuts and risks in order to increase corporate profit. Because government agencies are unable to safeguard the public on their own, courts are usually the last line of defense to hold corporations responsible for their negligence.

We will help you obtain justice by holding these corporations responsible. Our attorneys work with engineers, accident reconstruction experts, and investigators to prove that a negligent corporation has allowed a harmful product to be used by the general public.

Learn More

If your personal case involves a government organization or public association, click here for more information. If you would like detailed information about the litigation process, please click here. Visit this page if you have a claim that involves your child(ren).

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Our lawyers have extensive knowledge and skill in representing people who have been injured due to the carelessness of others. If you or a loved one has been injured in a product liability accident, please our office for a free and confidential consultation to have your questions and concerns answered.

You can contact the Law Offices of Michael Cordova by calling us at (602) 265-6700, using our chat services, or filling out our free online Case Evaluation Form.

*Contingent fees are charged on total recovery. **No Fee Guarantee applies in the event there is no recovery.